What makes Liane a great yoga instructor is that she listens! I have had several yoga teachers over the years, but none have been attentive and as willing to tailor our time together as Liane. Before one recent session, I told her about how I was experiencing pain in my neck and shoulder. She shaped our practice to focus on that pain and discomfort and showed me some very easy exercises that I could do on my own to alleviate it.

Within two days, my pain dissipated and after 2 weeks, it hasn’t come back! Because Liane takes the time to ask you questions and understand your desires, she’s able to work with you on exactly what your mind and body needs. If you need to go slow and steady, she goes slow and steady. If you want to pick it up a notch, she’s more than happy and capable to oblige. I would recommend Liane’s yoga to people of any age, health status, or experience level. She’s great!

Bob G.

Working with Liane brought a ton of shifting for myself and my relationship with my partner. I became more aware, stronger and more balanced immediately after my first session and it compounded throughout the weeks. The communication and respect opened up between all of my family members after my sessions with Liane. I am eternally grateful to her and this work of expanding consciousness for my family and the World.

Angie T.

At the end of my session I knew she had just guided me through a life-changing moment. Whether your issues are physical, emotional or spiritual, or you just want to relax and be your best, Liane’s restorative, rejuvenating work is some of the best I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend her.

Karson L.

I am so grateful to Liane Memmer for all the fantastic work she has done.  Before I started working with her, I had many aches and pains, both physically and spiritually. I certainly had no clue that the body and mind were connected in the way they respond!  She has been able to lead me through a journey of healing that I didn’t think possible!  I seriously have never met a less judgmental person in my life!  Please, do yourself a favor and consider a conversation with her about your issues!  She will meet you wherever you are on your healing journey and walk alongside you to bring you out of your misery!  I am so thankful she was put in my life at the exact right moment!


The session was very calming and I felt warmth even though she was not touching me. Liane's ability to get to the root causes of the issue was excellent. My neck pain and tinnitus were significantly reduced.


Liane is an incredibly talented energy healer. In my sessions with her she discovers exactly where my blocks are and helps me release those to find new peace, healing and flow. She has even helped me get immediate relief from a sore neck and sore throat. I am so grateful for Liane's ability to help me uncover my blocks and learn how to move through them in my continual evolution of becoming who I am meant to be!

Michele D.

Miss Liane and her Accunect has helped me so much with my depression and anxiety. Just after 3 sessions my quality of sleep is way better and my attitude towards life has improved ten fold. My flight or fight mode has diminished and has turned into respond verses react to almost all situations. I am showing more patience with myself and my family and I find myself processing situations and experiences with a different perspective and with more calm and faith. I am very grateful to Liane for crossing my path when she did. I look forward to the rest of these treatments to help propel me forward towards my life purpose and a peaceful fulfilling life.

Ciji R.

I received the Numerology, Chakra Characterology and Accunect Attunement session. Liane has a natural gift in discovering where your Chakras are out of balance, how to work with this through the Accunect Attunement from a loving space and being open to one's discoveries in the process. After the session I had a heart opening and it was a beautiful process of letting go, discovering a block and loving myself through the journey. Thank you for this gift!

Jacquie A.