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We are all multi-faceted beings. Maintaining the balance of our body, mind, and spirit will enable us to move through life’s challenges with clarity, gaining wisdom and balance while breaking free from that which no longer serves us. We all go through times of difficulty, as an Accunect practitioner, I can help you discover and implement the best ways to gain understanding and take steps that will best support you now and for the rest of your life.

​Accunect is a simple but powerful technique. It works on the holistic view that our body, mind and spirit are all connected. This creates the foundation for fast, profound and lasting healing effects. Accunect is a synthesis of many healing techniques, such as : Chinese Medicine, biomedicine, neuroscience, osteopathic theory, tapping techniques, and quantum physics theory. It is a powerful, simple and non-invasive therapy that allows the body to be balanced and heal itself, as nature intended. Accunect helps restore the body’s natural healing potential. Stress in the body is a reaction to emotions, beliefs, accidents, injuries, toxins, microbes, trauma and because of being disconnected from ourselves and our environment. 

All of these factors impact the ability of our body to function at optimal levels, resulting in illness, pain, and disease. Accunect addresses these factors on a lasting level, correcting their foundation not just alleviating the symptoms.

​How does it work ?

​In explaining how the energy works I like using the analogy of a Wifi signal. A WiFi signal can’t be seen but it is still there and we “hook up” to it all the time. In the same manner our energetic signal is constantly broadcasting and as an Accunect practitioner I can help you “hook up” to your signal in a way that will promote healing while reducing all stressors. There is nothing that Accunect cannot help heal and it will never cause you harm!   

When using the accunect system, I follow a health map that helps me determine where a client is out of balance. Through a series of questions and muscle testing, the clients energy field indicates where they are ready for balancing.

The balancing is simply a method of tapping or EFT. The tapping is done off the body in the energetic field of the client and can be done remotely. This balances the nervous system and the heart meridian through which the entire body further balances. 

The process

​The Accunect practitioner finds your unique healing story using the Accunect Health Map.  The health map brings awareness to the practitioner of the priority of what needs to be balanced at the highest level for mind, body and spirit.  Then balancing can take place.  


The practitioner locates the primary focus of treatment or balancing by using a simple technique called muscle checking.   The practitioner develops a unique formula for balancing each client. 


The areas that have been identified through the locating procedure are then balanced. The head is tapped lightly to stimulate the brain and the nervous system bringing awareness. The heart is tapped to help store the changes in the body through the Chinese Meridian systems and heart complex. 


This process takes the body into healing mode rather than stress mode.  When the body is in healing mode, its resources such as food, blood supply and oxygen are sent to the area of the body required for optimal functioning and regeneration of cells.  Healing  takes place on all levels mind, body, and spirit.  By using muscle checking in conjunction with a thorough way of asking questions about what needs to be addressed next and using sacred geometry to connect the practitioner into a higher level of awareness and  consciousness, the specific needs of each individual are addressed in exactly the right order. This allows the body to return to a healthy state of self-regulation and efficient function. The body’s healing functions, natural health and  sense of well-being are restored. 

Clinical results have shown that Accunect helps the nervous system to focus on the functioning of all systems more effectively, resources are directed to the right places in the body and very specific areas of health physically, mentally and emotionally are addressed.  The whole system is then capable of improving its function on a lasting level.

What does the Accunect System treat?

​Accunect System resolves health and emotional issues such as


· Allergies 

· Arthritis 

· Asthma 

· Autoimmune issues 

· Back pain 

· Behavior problems 

· Chronic fatigue 

· Depression 

· Digestive disorders 

· Emotional disorders 

· Endocrine issues 

· Fears and phobias 

· Fibromyalgia 

· Infertility 

· Infections

· Insomnia 

· Headaches 

· High cholesterol 

· High blood pressure 

· Learning disorders 

· Menstrual problems 

· Muscular pain 

· Pain Pre & post surgery 

· Post traumatic stress 

· Scars 

· Sports injuries 

· Stress 

· Viruses  

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“Life is not about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw

Can I help you…..

  • Reconnect with your whole being- body, mind, and spirit

  • Discover the underlying causes of your physical and emotional pain

  • Overcome blocks that are preventing you from achieving your goals

  • Develop and follow through with a plan of action

  • Create a life you love and share it with others!

​Have you ever felt overwhelmed, uncertain or blocked from moving forward in your life?

  • ​Do you experience stress and anxiety?

  • ​Do you have pain in your body?

​I’m a Self-discovery Coach and I empower and guide my clients to learn skills for understanding their body-mind-spirit connection, so that they can calm stress and anxiety, release pain and imbalances, and remove mental and emotional blocks. This allows them to heal from the root cause of the issue and to reconnect with their intuition enabling them to reach their goals and share a life of authenticity, joy and success.

I would be honored to connect with you and help you gain clarity on what you truly desire and further support you as you create a plan and take action to move forward in achieving a better life!

Every experience is an opportunity for growth. I’m not here to ‘fix’ you, but to help you see the lower vibrations, such as pain, to be a starting point for expansive and loving growth.

​There is not one right way or one answer. The most important thing is to do the work yourself! No one else can do it for you, but I can give you support and guidance in understanding yourself and your personal messages more clearly creating wholeness in your body, mind, and spirit so that you can move forward in your life making decisions that support your whole being for success and stability on your life path.

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Through a series of customized sessions you’ll receive a yoga program for your specific needs and goals.

​I offer a fun and informative style specializing in helping you create awareness physically and spiritually while enhancing your body-mind connection.

What would you like to focus on? Asana, Pranayama, Chakra balancing, or Meditation/visualization. You will gain knowledge on how to…

  • Improve your postural imbalances and reduce pain

  • Heal comprehensively from medical issues.

  • Create awareness and peace of mind.

  •  Balance your own chakras for a healthier and purpose    filled life.

  • Manifest your dreams and desires through meditation and visualization.

These sessions are done in-person, through live video, and taped video.

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Sacred Ceremonies

Helping you to create a deeper sense of self and a connectedness to nature, natural cycles, and your loved ones.

Moon Ceremonies - New and full moon ceremonies to understand the current astrological event, so that you can gain awareness and clarity to manifest your dreams. 

Red Tent Ceremonies - Also referred to as Moon Lodge ceremonies celebrate the Sacred Feminine. This is a special time for women to share our gifts and the healing of each other through our own experiences during a  ritual honoring the moon, our Mother Earth and our connection to her. 

Manifestation Ceremonies - are focused on a specific goal or outcome and are best correlated with the New Moon cycle. Rev up your Chakra system in order to own your power, connect with Spirit, and draw your desire straight to you!