Be your  best self in all aspects! Heal your mind, emotions, body and spirit so that you can reach your full potential. All services can be combined to create your custom package….4 or more sessions per package at a 15% discount! Let’s chat and design a program especially for YOU!

Full Healing Attunement

This full energy healing attunement is multi-focused and brings balance to all the different aspects of who we are…body, soul, mind, emotions and energy. Results vary and usually include calmness, clarity, release of physical pain, and being in overall balance with easier access to one’s intuition. $100

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Divine Blueprint

This package is perfect for personal growth! What better time to turn inward and discover your magical gifts and how to best share them while reaching your full potential. Your self awareness and ability to make lasting changes will expand through understanding your....

Natal Astro Chart - discover yourself from a different perspective by understanding how the planets affect you. And much more!


Numerology – discover your Core, Life Purpose, and Destiny numbers and what they mean.

Chakra Characterology – discover which Chakras are dominant and which are weak and how this shows in your personality. 


Accunect Attunement – 15min 

You will receive a written report and your attunement will be done face to face on-line or in-person. $100

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New YOU!

In person only

         15 -20 min Attunement session preceded by a hands-on specialty massage

         75-90 mins total. $150

Stones Massage


Striving to make changes and create balance requires clarity and takes planning. I'd be honored to help you move forward with direction and support that will lead to success. Free consultation. Personalized Session $100 /hr. Packaged sessions - 4 or more sessions at a 15% discount

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Combining asana, pranayama, and chakra energetics in a fun and informative style will help you create self-awareness, release pain, and move forward in life with passion. Chakra Characterology will help you understand your strengths and shadow aspects and what you can do to maintain balance. 

Chakra Balancing Package: $50

This energy healing session will restore balance to your entire chakra system. You will also receive a written report on which chakra characterology is dominant and which need further support and what you can do to maintain balance.

Customized session : $50

This customized yoga session is based on your individual needs and goals. This will be a tapped session that you can follow along with repeatedly at any time

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