Get to Know Me

Helping You Move Forward

I’m Liane Memmer and I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer and Self-Discovery Coach. I created Life Grooves after I’d been through a series of life changing transitions. During this difficult time, I learned to dive deep into the most natural parts of who I am in order to heal myself and make authentic and lasting changes.

So, what are the most natural parts of who we are? Well, we come into this earthly planet as a unique individual with a Divine Blueprint. This is who we are at a core level. Our Blueprint consists of our natal astrology, our personal numerology birth code, and our energy field. Your energy field includes your chakras and aura.

I offer to assist you on your journey of healing and making change, so that you can 

understand yourself at a core level, release blocks, and heal. When we create awareness around our challenges we start to see patterns emerge that are linked to thoughts and beliefs. Often, our patterns are based on outdated beliefs and they create blocks. When these blocks can be engaged with compassion, respect and acceptance, healing occurs. During these times of intense transitions, receiving personal energy attunements will support you as you powerfully shift into being the change you desire.